Transformers G1: Constructicons KO (Big Lots)

Monday, November 24, 2008

When I was young, Transformers were all the rage. A favorite amongst Transformers fans has been the Constructicons:

They were originally green for Transformers but here they come back yellow in KO form. I couldn't afford them when I was young but now I can buy all of them for the same price of 2 when they came out in 1985. The KO version makes a number of cost cutting measures compared to the originals such as plastic replacing where diecast use to be, pieces don't quite line up, and rusty nails for holding the tires in place.

Dump Truck:

Long Haul:

His head isn't molded properly so it doesn't stay up



Cement Truck:

This was my favorite of the Constructicons because it was like a truck. For my KO, the sticker keeps coming off and I already broke off the mixer








All 6 robots will combine...

... to form Devastator:

The top and bottom part of Devastator keeps breaking in two since Long Haul wasn't molded properly so it would always lift up.

He looks almost exactly like the original one but lacking the stickers and very weak build quality.

When transforming each individual toy, you'll immediately notice the cheaper plastic used compared to the original G1 toys. The pieces aren't molded perfectly so pieces don't slide smoothly and some don't stay in position like Long Haul. I've had Devastator on my desk for quite some time and he's held together fairly well even though I randomly take a swipe at him or knock my laptop screen on it. Is it worth picking up? If you just want a re-live a little G1 Transformers then it's worth picking up as a novelty. If you're a collector and looking for something to pose in your collections then I suggest the higher quality KO or wait for the Takara encore release of Devastator.

Eric Toy Score: 2 out of 5

Publisher: Big Lots
Year: 2007
Price: $9.99

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