World's Smallest Transformers (WST): Prowl

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Alternator Prowl is holding up the World's Smallest Transformer Prowl

It's the first World's Smallest Transformer for my collection.

Transformers Alternators: Mirage

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Another highly sought after Alternator is Mirage.

A highly attractive mold of the Ford GT

This mold is also available as another Alternator Hot Rod and a Binaltech clear version of Mirage (BT-18). Unlike other Binaltechs, no diecast is present in BT-18. But I find this version the best with its striking dark blue.

I think this is going to be the last mold I'm going to get. I'm still missing the Dodge Ram, Dodge Viper, Toyota xB, and Honda Civic but those four don't appeal to me for various reasons.

Transformers Alternators: Ravage 2.0

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The first time Ravage was made for the Binaltech/Alternator line he was a remold of Tracks. It was a upright robot with a cat head. Fans were not impressed and voiced their opinions. To right things, Hasbro put out a second version that better represents Ravage's cat form:

This time he even comes in a car that better suits him too, the Jaguar XK.

He's fairly scarce so a new unopened box fetches prices over MSRP.

Transformers Alternators: Laserwave and Prowl

Monday, February 9, 2009

I've added more Alternators to my collection!

Purple MazdaSpeed RX-8

The interior is very detailed. Even the seats feature the little triangles from the actual car.

Shockwave/Laserwave looks just as menacing in car form.

One of the most sought after Binaltech/Alternator. Why would any police force use an inline-4 powered Acura RSX as a police car?

The baby blue interior doesn't look good even when it is detailed. The steering wheel retains the Japanese mold so you can faintly see the Honda H in the center even though the car is suppose to be an Acura.

Prowl with his baton looks menacing. The pearly white plastic used for the face and arms doesn't look good compared to the flat white paint of the car.

The gang.

Transformers Binaltech: Overdrive (BT-12)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

A pretty good mold but wasted on a robot that not many people remember from Transformers G1.

A beautifully modelled Honda S2000.

He's not in demand in plastic Alternators form so you can easily pick him up for under $10 USD. The Binaltech version is more difficult to find but is selling for around MSRP.

Transformers Alternators: Sideswipe, Smokescreen, and Grimlock

Sunday, February 1, 2009

All three together

The Dodge Viper Convertible is a pretty boring looking car. The doors don't open properly as it pops the entire door from the car.

The interior is fairly impressive and much of the robot parts are hidden in car mold.

Sideswipe is one of the weaker looking robot molds in the binaltech/alternator line.

Some people felt this mold was too riceboy racer-ish. But the binaltech version is the most sought after and really fits the Subaru Impreza WRX STi WRC look.

The first alternator that sets the standard for the whole line.

Smokescreen is one of the best robot molds in the binaltech/alternator line. That's why they made 4 different binaltech versions and 4 other robots share the same mold (silverstreak, bluestreak, richochet, and red alert)

A great mold that does the real Ford Mustang justice. Too bad the hands hang out at the front.

The interior is a little weak compared to other molds in the line. The steering wheel doesn't even tilt or easily turn. I always worry about breaking off the hand break while transforming from robot to car mode.

Grimlock's neck looks a bit awkward but overall it's a good robot model that isn't getting a lot of attention.

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