Transformers Alternators: Laserwave and Prowl

Monday, February 9, 2009

I've added more Alternators to my collection!

Purple MazdaSpeed RX-8

The interior is very detailed. Even the seats feature the little triangles from the actual car.

Shockwave/Laserwave looks just as menacing in car form.

One of the most sought after Binaltech/Alternator. Why would any police force use an inline-4 powered Acura RSX as a police car?

The baby blue interior doesn't look good even when it is detailed. The steering wheel retains the Japanese mold so you can faintly see the Honda H in the center even though the car is suppose to be an Acura.

Prowl with his baton looks menacing. The pearly white plastic used for the face and arms doesn't look good compared to the flat white paint of the car.

The gang.


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