Gundam Wing Zero Custom 1/144 Scale Review

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

One of the most popular Gundams comes in small form for easy construction and playability.

After the success of the 49 episode Gundam Wing anime, Bandai followed up with a 3 episode OVA called Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz. As in Gundam Wing, Heero, one of the protangonists, pilots the hugely popular Gundam Wing Zero but suffers major defeat to Wujei, a fellow Gundam pilot, that renders his Gundam Wing non-functional. Scientists retrieve Gundam Wing Zero, repair, and upgraded it to create Gundam Wing Zero Custom.

Gundam Wing Zero Custom was the first wave of Gundam Wing: Endless Waltz model kits. All the mecha featured from the show have been represented in the 1/144 scale. However, a while later, all the mecha were also released in a much better 1/100 scale. The 1/144 scale is very simplistic and economical compared to all the other scales and makes a good toy. In this review, I applied most of the decals but didn't do any painting and no glue.

Front of box:

The box is so pretty. More pretty than the actual model

Side of box:

This shows the model kit fully painted and weathered


Wings and feathers on a mecha is ridiculous but it looks great. The shoulder gatling guns don't open in this model kit. A lot of decals are included which help make it look good even without painting.


Not the best side of the Gundam Wing Zero


The wings are 4 solid pieces of plastic. Larger model kits, like the 1/60 Master Grade, feature movable feathers at the ends of the wing

Ball jointed hand

The hand joint is loose at some angles but tight enough to hold up the gun in others. You just need to play around with it

Leg joint:

The legs have a good range of motion since it's on a ball joint but the side armor guards hinder side movement


There is a groove on the lower gun and a tab in the top gun to fit the guns together. The gun handles can fold away too for one handed use when the guns are put togther.

Re-enact favorite scenes:

This is why the guns fit together :)

Gundam Wing Custom and Tallgeese III

Gundam Wing Zero Custom comes better colored right out of the box than many other 1/144 Gundam Wing models

Gundam Wing Custom with Transformers G1 Jetfire/Bandai VF-1S 1/55 scale:

1/144 is a very puny size

1/144 Gundam Wing Zero Custom model with MSIA Gundam Wing:

They are fairly close to scale with each other. I personally prefer the Gundam Wing Zero Custom's clean look.

Gundam Wing Zero Custom 1/144 is a very small toy which goes well with other Gundam models as every Gundam mecha has been released in a 1/144 scale. It also plays well with the much more expensive MSIA line of Gundam toys. A lot of details are lost at this small scale and painting at this scale can be a challenge. But this scale are very straight forward to put together so you'll be done one of these within an hour. Unlike many other Gundam Wing models, Gundam Wing Zero Custom includes a good number of color molded pieces and decals that make the model look good even without the paint. If you're looking a inexpensive alternative to the Gundam toys or a starter model kit, the Gundam Wing Zero Custom 1/144 is a great choice.

Who wants a piece of this?

Eric Toy Score: 3 out of 5

Publisher: Bandai
Year: 2000
Price: $25 (approx)


throw away the stickers and get some paint on those models!

hi sir great snap fitted review this is thanks. i think you've missed sharing its alternate torso,specifically made to fully support the 'favourite scene' action pose, please try it too!

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