Transformers Masterpiece Grimlock (Toys R Us (TRU) Exclusive) Review

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Me, Grimlock, no bozo. Me king!

In the animated cartoon, Transformers, the evil Decepticons are waging a long war against the Autobots across space. The war has been going poorly for the Autobots who find themselves lacking brute strength and firepower. With the approval of Optimus Prime himself, Wheeljack builds new Autobots based on the prehistoric dinosaurs and calls them the dinobots. Grimlock is one of the dinobots and based on mid-80s interpretation of the Tyranasaurus Rex. In the cartoon, Grimlock leads the dinobots and possesses the ability to fly and shoot fire from his mouth. Grimlock's arrogance has got him into trouble a few times in the cartoon but he has also helped out the Autobots at critical times.

The success of Masterpiece Convoy (MP-01) by Takara (original designer of the Transformers line of toys) and released to the rest of the world by Hasbro as 20th Anniversary Optimus Prime or DVD Optimus Prime, Takara continued the line with further Masterpiece figures that are a remake of the original Transformers line of toys (known as Generation 1 or G1) with an emphasis on accuracy to the TV show. Takara released Masterpiece Grimlock (MP-08) in Japan last year and now Hasbro has released Masterpiece Grimlock to the rest of the world. Just like earlier Masterpiece figures, Hasbro has made some changes to Grimlock but not as drastic as previous Masterpiece toys.

The Hasbro release uses a clear plastic box with paper wrapping the bottom as packaging.

Front of box:

Side of box:

Back of box:

Top of box:

I really like the punched out Autobot logo

Lots of plastic and paper left over from opening the box:

Although Hasbro has switched to paper twines for environmental reasons, the amount of plastic and paper for packaging is still shocking.

Front of dinosaur mode:

Grimlock sports a huge Autobot logo on his dinosaur mode chest just like he did in the G1 cartoon. The white and red markings on his legs were added for the Hasbro version.  The foot is a darker gold paint.

Top of dinosaur:

The top of Grimlock's head can be opened up the flip his eyes from red to blue and back

Right side of dinosaur mode:

Grimlock stands upright just like he did in the G1 cartoons and Godzilla. Grimlock's teeth and claws have been dulled for the Hasbro edition. Each of Grimlock's claws can move independently.

Left side of dinosaur mode:

In the 1980s, it was generally thought that Tyranasaurus Rex had very short arms, not very mobile, and dragged their tails. If you saw Jurassic Park, you'll know this theory has changed

Back of dinosaur mode:

Grimlock sports a jet back and multi-colors on his back mirror his G1 toy but isn't accurate to the G1 cartoon.

Bottom of dinosaur mode:

Battery compartment for lights and sound effects

Pulling out the clear plastic enables the lights for the gun and blade in battroid mode and sounds


Hasbro's Grimlock has dulled flattened teeth and shortened dulled claws compared to Takara's Grimlock.

Grimlock in mid-transformation:

Peak-a-boo! Grimlock's head hides inside the chest area of dinosaur mode. The transformation is generally similar to its G1 toy counterpart

Leg transformation:

Impressive engineering used to fold the dinosaur tail into Grimlock's battroid leg.

Fold out hands:

Not as impressive engineering. Both left and right hands fold out. The right hand with the electronics are molded closed like deluxe Transformers. The left hand has a moveable thumb and index finger.

Front of battroid:

World's Smallest Transformer (WST) Grimlock stands beside Masterpiece Grimlock for size and G1 toy comparison.  The chest area is chrome while the arm connector is painted gold. The Japanese versions are also chromed on the arm connector.  The Hasbro version includes white paint on Grimlock's thigh, gold paint for his toes, and black outlining on the red hips.

Top of battroid:

Side of battroid:

His huge shoulders protect his head from side attacks

Back of battroid:

Big T-rex head on his back just like the G1 toy and cartoon.

Bottom of battroid:

Jet exhaust help explain how Grimlock flies in the G1 cartoons

Eye switch

Move that switch up and down changes Grimlock's visor color.

Grimlock with red or blue visor:

Red is accurate to the G1 toy while blue is accurate to the G1 cartoon.

Grimlock's crown:

The crown wasn't part of Takara's first release of Masterpiece Grimlock (MP-08) but included in the comic version (MP-08X). The Hasbro edition is a darker yellow.

Grimlock's gun and sword:

These are much more transparent than the Japanese versions

Masterpiece Grimlock with Transformers Animated Grimlock:

Grimlock with the rest of the Hasbro Masterpiece line (click for large photo):

Starscream, Optimus Prime, Grimlock, and Skywarp. Grimlock is the smallest scale of the Masterpiece toys.

Masterpiece Grimlock brings together both elements from the G1 toy and the G1 cartoon. It is definitely king of all Grimlock toys. The Hasbro release of Masterpiece Grimlock is basically the Japanese MP-08 Grimlock with minor paint application differences and includes the MP-08X crown accessory. For those who skipped over the Takara release but like the Masterpiece line should definitely check out Hasbro's. It's almost half the cost of the Takara release with nearly the same build quality. I highly recommend picking up Hasbro's Masterpiece Grimlock if you can find him.

To get or not to get. That shouldn't be a question on your mind.

Eric Toy Score: 4.5 out of 5

Publisher: Hasbro
Year: 2010
MSRP: $69.99

Additional Information
Where to get Masterpiece Grimlock TRU Exclusive:
8/15/10 Masterpiece Grimlock is currently in high demand, rarely seen on TRU shelves for more than 1 hour after stocking store shelves, and being heavily scalped (prices between $100-130).

SKN: 541060

Item #: 354815
SKU: 8601623E
UPC/EAN/ISBN: 653569494287
Manufacturer #: 97684


Great review of a great figure!

Awesome - I just ordered mine off of toys r us - they are finally in stock!

Excellent, but the T-rex head is better in the original version D:, i think, more dinamic, less mechagodzilla

Toys R Us Malaysia is havinga sale now. its around USD 34.75 each! got mine few days ago

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