Transformers G1 Devastator with parts Review

Monday, August 8, 2011

The most famous Transformers combiner deserves more than just lightpiping

Corrupted and given the ability to combine by Megatron, 6 individual construction robots combined to form the immense Devastator. Although the Autobots usually outnumbered the evil Decepticons, Devastator quickly evened battles with his sheer size and might.

Issued by Takara and Hasbro in 1985 by adding the ability to combine from 6 construction vehicles in Takara's Diaclone line of transforming toys, Devastator was the first combiner in the Transformers universe. Unlike future Transformers combiners, Devastator merged 6 different robots and heavily relied on combiner parts such as his hips and neck. Like all other Transformers of the time, the cartoon simplified Devastator's appearance and gave it more of a "human" look rather than the robotic look of the toy.

The popularity of the Classics toys among toy collectors and the lack of a decent looking Devastator from Takara and Hasbro have prompted numerous third party manufacturers to create their interpretation of the classics Devastator with whole new robots from TFC and add-ons from I wasn't going to spend over $90 for each of the 6 TFC robots needed to build Devastator so I opted for the package and it definitely fills the Classics Devastator gap.

G1 Devastator Giftset Box front:

G1 Devastator Giftset Box back: parts: CDMW-01, CDMW-02*, CDMW-05, CDMW-08*:

Each piece improves a different part of Devastator and sold separately so you're welcome to buy the piece that you think improves Devastator the most. CDMW-01 Head:

A more accurate head to the 1984 cartoon than the original but this head features a visor but Devastator sometimes had two separate eyes in close up shots but a visor in distance shots - just watch Starscream's Brigade: Season 2 Episode 46. The visor lights up with the flick of a switch at the back of his head.  You may notice that they've only included the top piece of the neck.  You need to re-use the bottom piece and screws from your Devastator.

With just CDMW-01 on a KO G2 Devastator:

Just the head makes a big difference to devastator. CDMW-02* Leg Connector for KO:

The second best piece offered by It gives Devastator leg movement, extra height, and more show accuracy. offers both a silver version (featured) and a purple version (CDMW-02).  It's a very tight fit for getting both bots into the leg pieces.   Scrapper from the low quality KO from Big Lots will not fit in the CDMW-02 right leg part because the KO is too large. CDMW-05 on a KO G2:

Although each finger is articulated and individually sculpted at the knuckles and hand but the hand is one of the worst built components without any pins to hold together any of the fingers. Closing the hand to form a fist is difficult with at least one figure falling off.  Without CDMW-08, the hand looks odd with the narrow and short arm.  Also, CDMW-02 has difficulty popping off the original arm piece.

G1 Devastator with parts:

CDMW-05 comes with a big gun that works better with Devastator's scale.



As you can see from the side profile, CDMW-02 moves the legs forward causing Devastator to become very back heavy.  Most people will angle the hip part back and angle the foot forward to position the leg to the middle of Devastator for balance. 


CDMW-08*, as featured in this review, are for the KO version of Devastator while CDMW-08 is for the original official G1 Devastator


Not much difference can be seen from this angle

Bottom: hasn't issued any pieces to improve the feet.

Comparison of equipped G1 with stock KO G2

This is what about $136.96 can do to improve G1 Devastator.  You be the judge on whether it's worth it.

For people debating whether to pick up the existing high quality KO or wait for Takara's more pricey reissue, I highly suggest to wait for the reissue. My review uses a high quality KO version of G1 Devastator but I found numerous quality issues such as poorly fitting pieces and rough chrome finish.'s pieces immensely improve the look of G1 Devastator and bring him into the modern classics athestics. Although the pieces are very pricey, they were worth it for me. I would suggest the following purchase order in terms of improvement value to money: CDMW-01, CDMW-02, CDMW-05, CDMW-08. It's exactly the same order they created the pieces.  Poseability is increased with the CDMW-02 piece but Devastator largely remains the same, having a floppy right arm, finicky feet, and touchy mid-section.

Eric Toy Score: KO G1 Devastator: 7, CDMW-01:8, CDMW-02*:7, CDMW-05:3, CDMW-08*:2

Publisher: Takara (G1 Devastator), (CDMW-01, CDMW-02*, CDMW-05, CDMW-08*)
Year: 1985, 2009, 2010, 2010, 2010
Price: $119.99 (approx for reissue in 12/2011), $29.99, $36.99, $39.99,$29.99


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