Takara Transformers Device Label Broad Blast (Blaster) Review

Monday, September 12, 2011

When the music is blastin', I'm rollin'

Blaster is one of the G1 season 2 characters who joins the Autobots in their battle against the evil Decepticon. With the ability to hold cassette tape sized bots, Blaster is the Autobot's answer to the Decepticon's Soundwave who can also deploy numerous cassette tape sized bots. Apart from battling Decepticons, Blaster has love for Earth music and loves to speak in rap.

Already cancelled once, Device Label Broad Blast (renamed from Blaster due to loss of name copyright) was one toy Transformers fans didn't think would be released. However, in 2010, Takara did release the toy (reworking the inner wiring so the USB ports also worked in bot mode) and it shelf warmed until prices slowly dropped to more reasonable levels. Luckily for Blaster, the whole Classics line of toys brought new interest in G1 inspired toys and without its own Blaster in the line up, fans picked up on Device Label Blaster as a stand in. But is Blaster really worth picking up?

Box front:

Box Right / Left:

Blaster now transformers into a laptop but is a fully functional USB hub. You can even stick in G1 cassettes into Blaster's chest when he's in bot mode.

Box Back:

Lots of Japanese that I can't read

Inside the box:

Blaster, instruction manuals, stickers, and USB cable


A very plain top


Blaster's head is tucked into his cassette holding chest so he can't hold G1 cassettes in alt mode.


Four USB full sized ports are easily accessible but are fairly close to each other which can cause problems for fitting in multiple USB sticks



Opened side:

The hinge can go back a little more than 180 degrees.

Opened back:

Inside Keyboard:

The keys are nicely sculpted but not labelled and cannot be pushed in. They've also scupted the speakers.


Transformation is very straight forward.


Chunky shoulders and chunky legs. The USB ports still work in bot mode.


Ball jointed arms, hand, and head. Swivel/hinged leg and foot help with posing Blaster


His hand is a standard 5mm post so he can hold most standard Transformers weapons - none are included with Blaster.


Blaster has the whole laptop top portion on his back. One of the worst looking backs to a Transformer. Reminds me of Human Alliance Sideswipe.

Soundblaster with Rodimus:

Blaster comfortably fits in with the Classics line of Transformers.

Blaster has an uninspiring alt mode and a bot mode full of back kibble. It's neat to have a transforming USB hub but the novelty ends soon and not many people have the need for a USB hub. Other than collectors needing a Classics Blaster to complete their Classics line up, Blaster isn't a fun toy and definitely not worth buying for the high price. If Hasbro/Takara released a Classics line Blaster at a deluxe price point, demand for this toy is sure to plummet. Since it's hard to predict what Hasbro/Takara will release, I suggest picking up Device Label Blaster if you find him for under $60. I did and he looks great in bot mode with the rest of my Classics toys.

Eric Toy Score: 2.0 out of 5

Publisher: Takara
Year: 2010
MSRP: 6500 JPY


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