Transformers Prime: Bulkhead First Edition Voyager Review

Monday, January 23, 2012

"If you think I'm going to beg for mercy... forget it!"

The largest of the Autobots on Earth, Bulkhead is one of the strongest even against the Decepticon leader, Megatron.  But he's also a fun bot who loves rock music and hanging out with his human companion, Miko.  He is loyal to his friends and always willing to put himself in the line of danger to protect them.

After a whole season of Transformers Prime without any toy line, Hasbro finally releases voyager wave one with Optimus Prime and Bulkhead.

Box Front and Back:

Bulkhead is packed with is arm raised, "Here I am!"

Alt mode front:




The rear 5mm peg hole can hold Bulkhead's ball weapon but it looks silly. 


Bulkhead is tightly packed in.



Bulkhead nicely opens up with his legs curled up and multiple panels folding up to form his chest.


Bulkhead is not quite accurate to the show.  There's much too big of a gap between his chest pieces, his legs are more narrow and long while his body is much too upper focussed, the grey used is too light, and shoulder pieces should be a dark grey, and headlights should be clear bluish.  The Takara version is a darker green and shiny, much closer to the cartoon in color.


The wheels don't align parallel with each other like in the cartoon



The back kibble could've been better if the back panel folder to allow the tires to come closer together.

The hands can flip in to reveal a 5mm peg hole...

... for Bulkhead's weapon.

Transformers Animated Leader Bulkhead with Transformers Prime Bulkhead:

While smaller than TFA Leader class Bulkhead in bot mode, TFP Bulkhead's truck mode is much smaller.

Transformers Prime Voyager First Edition:

Optimus Prime is a tad smaller than he should be compared to voyager Bulkhead.

Transformers Prime First Edition:

Optimus Prime is a tad too small and Arcee is much too big.  But they look awesome together.

Transformers Prime First Edition Toy Scale:

All the released Transformers Prime First Edition toys from shortest to tallest.

Transformers Prime Bulkhead has a fantastic transformation and really impressive to see how such a bug bulky robot can come from such a small SUV alt mode.  But he isn't as screen accurate as Optimus Prime but a lot better than Bumblebee.  I wasn't a fan of the Transformers Prime show but the toy line definitely has me hooked. It's a great toy and, in my opinion, the third best Transformers Prime figure after Prime and Starscream.  I recommend any Transformers Prime fan should pick him up.

Eric Toy Score: 4 out of 5

Publisher: Hasbro
Year: November 2011
Price: $29.99

Note: Bulkhead is packed with 3 Optimus Primes making him much harder to find at retail.  Hasbro has announced the cancellation of the First Edition line of Transformers Prime toys for the US (source).  Prices for Bulkhead on the secondary market have soared to $60 or more.


You've mistransformed Bulkhead, there. He wheels actually DO align parallel with each other, and his back folds down much more neatly than what you have done. There are pegs there to hold all of it together very tightly, and when properly transformed he is amazing.

@sean gates you're right. The backpack tabs in and sits much more flush. But getting the wheels exactly parallel doesn't seem possible with the green parts hitting each other.

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