Transformers Prime: Megatron Robots in Disguise (RiD) Voyager Review

Thursday, March 15, 2012

"Well, what are you waiting for? Think of the glory! Seize the day!"
Leader of the evil Decepticons, Megatron strives to crush all opposition and control all.  Although he original fought against the Cybertronian caste system as Megatronus, his failure to gain the matrix of leadership and support from the elders lead him to create his own army and start a war against the Autobots.  He is a cunning leader that can go up against any Autobot and only matched by Optimus Prime.

Front of Box:

Push the cannon's purple end to try out the LED

Back of Box:

Although the box art shows Megatron's weapon activating a "energon glow" with his arm and blade lighted up, it doesn't look like that in reality.  It's just a red LED between the cannon barrel and the blade which doesn't make anything glow.

Tech Specs:

I wouldn't have expected Megatron's skill to be so low.

Front of alt mode:

The front of Megatron's alt mode is almost accurate to the show but the toy enlarges the outside too much.  This shoulder pads do not point forward in the cartoon either.

Back of Alt Mode:

A rarely seen side of Megatron's alt mode, it's ugly and doesn't look like much except his legs and foot.

Left of Alt Mode:
Even more kibble can be seen from the side of Megatron's alt mode.  The front should not dip down like that.

Right of Alt Mode:

Luckily, everything pegs into something in alt mode so it holds this unique vehicle in place.

Top of Alt mode:

The back of the alt mode is more sleek in the cartoon and the wing mold at the body are different in the cartoon.  It's close in approximation to the cartoon but not as sleek and the back is all wrong.

Bottom of Alt Mode:

You can see his legs, waist, arms, and hands in this mode.  It's pretty awful.

Megatron's Head in Alt Mode:

Megatron's head peeks out in his alt mode.  Interestingly, his head appears like this in the cartoon if you can freeze frame.


He looks almost like the underside of his alt mode.
Cannon with blade deployed:

The blade should be silver and attached to Megatron and not on the cannon but the end effect is OK.

Cannon without blade deployed

The cannon is not as compact as the show.  The shape of the middle and rear section doesn't match the show's sleek design at all but the front is fairly good.

Cannon with LED lighted

The LED doesn't do a good job of lighting up any of the clear plastic parts.

Front of Bot Mode:

Of course the molded purple in Megatron should be silver, the shoulder pads should start closer to the body, the Decepticon logo is a sticker and framed in silver while the cartoon is flat purple, and the cannon is not accurate to the show.  The purple does a good job breaking up the boring grey and looks like Megatron is empowered with dark energeon.  Otherwise Megatron's bot mode is spot on to the cartoon

Right side of bot mode:

The black kibble is definitely a sight for sore eyes.  You can push the back wings against his back but you can see a bit of it from the front.  You can also remove the end half of the wing at the purple connector without damaging the toy.

Left side of bot mode:

A peg hole on his left arm allows the cannon to be mounted on his left arm too.

Back of Bot mode:

It's too bad that legs were left hollowed and the wings exist, otherwise it's' a clean back for Megatron.

Transformers Prime Voyager RiD Megatron with Voyager FE Optimus Prime:

Megatron is a tad shorter than FE Optimus Prime but you can keep Megatron's toes pinched inward to give him extra height.

Megatron with RiD Soundwave and FE Starscream:

Megatron towers over his minions.  He's a really good scale for the Decepticons.

Transformers Prime Megatron has an awesome bot mode but an awful alt mode.  In bot mode Megatron looks spot on with the cartoon except the gun.  The alt mode looks like the cartoon at certain angles but he's full of holes from almost all other angles.  The transformation is simple and not very fulfilling.  You'll probably leave him in bot mode anyways. I wasn't a fan of the Transformers Prime show but the toy line definitely has me hooked. It's a great toy and one of the best looking Megatron toys.  If you already have the First Edition (FE) deluxe Megatron, this version is almost the same mold but bigger.  But this version is also missing the silver paint found in the FE version and the face mold quality isn't up to the FE version's.  If you're collecting the Transformers Prime line then you need to buy Voyager Megatron since he scales much better to Voyager Optimus Prime than the smaller First Edition (FE) deluxe toy. 

Eric Toy Score: 4 out of 5

Publisher: Hasbro
Year: February 2012
Price: $25.99


Thanks for sharing. I'm eagerly awaiting to see how Takara Tomy's deluxe version turns out.

@flywheels I think Takara Deluxe Megatron will look very much like the FE two-pack Megatron.

Great toy I like it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have you done customisations?

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