Transformers Prime: Vehicon Robots in Disguise (RiD) Deluxe Review

Monday, May 7, 2012

Army building this hard to find toy is going to be tough

The Decepticon cannon fodder who always do the dirty work for Megatron or Starscream and usually gets trashed by the Autobots. Always loyal to Megatron, they serve his every bidding and even voted for outside help when Megatron was disabled.

Although Vehicon was released in the First Edition (FE) wave of Transformers Prime toys, the cancellation of the First Edition wave restricted Vehicon to limited release outside North America - obviously leading to sky high prices for him.  Now with the Transformers Prime line of toys in full swing, Hasbro releases the Robots in Disguise (RiD) deluxe wave 3 with Vehicon, Knockout, and Hot Shot (a redeco'ed Bumblebee).  You'd think Hasbro realized the demand for Vehicon but they didn't.  Good luck finding Vehicon because he's packed 1 in a box of 8.

Package front and back:

Tech spec on the side of the package:

Alt mode front:

Alt Mode Right:

Nice chromed wheels

Alt Mode Left:

It's sleek, black, and has winged spoilers, it could be the next Batmobile.

Alt Mode Back:

Alt Mode Top:

Alt Mode Bottom:


Gun Mounted on the side peg hole:


Bot mode Front:

The RiD Vehicon is a much more sleek bot mode than the FE version.  The backpack from the FE version gets stowed away in RiD's calves.

Bot mode Right and Left:
Don't drag Vehicon's heels on the ground or it'll scrape all the paint off his alt mode roof.

Bot Mode Back:

Almost no backpack except the back of car.  if only it could be folded flush onto his back.

Gun can be held upside down:

So it looks like his hands transforms into a gun:

The foot has trouble pegging to the back of the foot like First Edition Optimus Prime:


Arm articulation is odd with the combination of swivel, hinge, and ball joint in the elbow area.  The hands rotate up and down.  The legs can bend 90 degrees at the knee and ball joint at the pelvic allows good poses.  There is no waist swivel.  Head movement is limited but his neck guards.

With the wave 1-3 RiD Decepticon team:

This is one of the few times when the RiD version is a lot better than the FE version.  This version is sleeker, more accurate to the cartoon show, and much better articulation.  His vehicle mode is sleek and well made.  This bot mode is very close to the cartoon show but the leg wheels are a tad too high and his arm ariculation is a little odd where they put the hinge.  But overall, Vehicon may be the best deluxe RiD Decepticon released to date - definite buy on sight!

Eric Toy Score: 4.5 out of 5
Publisher: Hasbro
Year: April 2012
Price: $14.99


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