Kre-O Transformers Micro Changers Constructicon Devastator Review

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Prepare to meet your doom! Nothing can withstand the might of Devastator!

Corrupted and given the ability to combine by Megatron, 6 individual construction robots combined to form the immense Devastator. Although the Autobots usually outnumbered the evil Decepticons, Devastator quickly evened battles with his sheer size and might.

With the success of the Kre-O mini figures called kreons which sold with larger block sets, Hasbro started selling "blind" packs of kreons.  Not wanting to miss out on some of the most memorable figures from the G1 line, the combiners, Hasbro released 4 sets of combiners that took 4 kreons to form 1 larger bot.  The first series of combiners include: Superion, Predaking, Bruticus, and Devastator,

Front of box:

Back of box:

Side of box:

The packaging is so lively and well drawn.  I wish the regular Transformers packaging was so well done.


Each bag contains one of the Constructicons for their robot and vehicle modes.  The instructions are full colored and provide instructions to creating the bot, vehicle, and combined modes.  The sets are simple and the instructions are very straight forward.

Sticker sheet:

The gang assembled:

What's left:

The bag contains most of the combiner parts

With a Lego Star Wars Clone:

A kreon is about the size of a Lego person.  There are a number of differences like the kreon legs are on ball joints, the arms are on ball joints, arms have a narrow part to clip things, the legs have peg holes on the side, and kreon backs have a single center peg.

It's a zombie!

Helmets are interchangable


A tad back heavy.


The leg's ball joint makes it easier to stand a kreon on non-smooth surfaces.


That's a big gun


There's a lot of personality in each kreon's face - I love it! He's a back heavy too and trickier to stand than Scavenger

Non-interchangable legs and torso:

As you can see, the kreons use a 1 peg connector to the torso so it has a waist swivel whereas the Lego uses a two peg design and cannot rotate.

Construction vehicle mode:

Bonecrusher and Scavengers have the best alt modes.  Mixmaster doesn't even look like a cement mixer.

Alt mode discussion time

Left over parts:

Ker-O kreons suffers from old Lego quality issues such as plastic fatigue around the hand:

Kreons are worst that the narrow part is easy to break off compared to Lego figures.  There's stress marks around the hand and the wrist is breaking off.  You need to pull off one of the Constructicon arms to form Devastator so be careful when you pull.

Stress marks around another hand:


This is THE main reason you bought this set.

Devastator back:

It's not bad.  Not much kibble.  Since Devastator doesn't have a heel, he's prone to fall backwards.  After my review, I snapped a 3 by 2 flat Lego piece onto the 2 by 2 piece of his foot to make it more stable.

Lots of left over parts too:

Lots of spare heads are left over. Perfect for hanging as Devastator's trophies

Kre-O Devastator and G1 Devastator with CrazyDevy parts

I guess it's a close match.  The spirit of Devastator is strong in this kreon combiner.

This is the first kreon that I've ever bought but I've played with Lego thoughout of my childhood so building blocks aren't new.  Quality is a big problem in the plastic used.  I've never broken a Lego figure's arm like that before but I have cracked a hand off when I was a child.  The weak plastic around the hand and arms suck.  Parts-forming between bot mode to alt mode for a kreon is annoying.  Tearing arms off a kreon to form the combiner is dangerous to your keron's health.  If you can look past all that, it's pretty sweet to have a kreon sized combiner to wreak havoc on your kreon population or Lego population.  It's even more cool that you can get 4 combiners for $10 each.  If you've been collecting kreons then you have to pick up all these combiners.  If you don't collect kreons, then I still recommend picking up Devastator - for $10 it's worth having a mini Devastator for your desk.  I just won't buy another kreon.  Maybe one more to replace the arm that broke but that's it.

It's a monster!

Eric Toy Score: 3 out of 5
Publisher: Hasbro
Year: 2013
Price: $9.99


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