Eaglemoss Star Trek Romulan Warbird D'Deridex Class

Thursday, July 24, 2014

The backbone of the Romulan fleet during the second half of the 24th century, the Romulan Warbird dwarfs any incarnation of the USS Enterprise.

At more than twice the size of the USS Enterprise D, the main ship of the show Star Trek: The Next Generation (TNG), the Romulan Warbird is a large ship and universally feared in the Star Trek universe for its firepower, size, and invisibility cloak. It was intermittently featured in STNG and Star Trek Deep Space 9 (DS9) as an adversary to the protagonists of the show.

Small scaled pre-built Star Trek ships have been far and few between - especially if you're looking for non-Enterprise ships. Luckily for collectors, Eaglemoss, a magazine and figurine publisher, has finally started a line for Star Trek ships and promise to make many well known and lesser known ships available such as the USS Equinox. When you subscribe, each month you will receive two issues, each with a ship and a ~18 page magazine covering the ship, background information about the alien race, and designer notes. Since I'm not a magazine reviewer and don't want to violate any copyright laws by scanning the magazine here, you'll just have to trust me that it's pretty, colorful, and a good read.

Eaglemoss generally make their ships the size of their standard box which is 17 x 13 x 5cm so you're getting ships of different scales. If you're like me and care about loosely about scale between ships, you'll want to know that the Romulan Warbird scaled ~1:10000.

Inside the Package
This is issue 5 of Eaglemoss' Star Trek: The Official Starships Collection magazine.

In the box:

What's included:
A mostly diecast Romulan Warbird, a stand base (mine was slightly scratched up), and the ship-stand connector.

The Romulan crest is slightly off centered by printed very clearly.  The forward weapons array is slightly visible.

Left/Port side
The lower neck and nacelles are plastic while the rest is diecast.  The windows are nicely painted with no smudging.

Nice weathering paint applied to the top.  The escape pods are etched in.

Nice weathering paint applied to the bottom too.

The shuttle bay is visible at the very back.

With the Stand

With the stand:

Front/Bow with stand

Left/Port with stand
The stand slides onto the back of the wings so there are no unsightly peg holes in the model.  Unfortunately that also means the stand doesn't securely hold the model and if you move it, it will likely fall.

Rear/Stern with stand


Neck and Main Bridge
The windows are nicely painted.  They could've added further windows to the very top of the neck and bridge.

Between the wings:
The inside of the wings are not weather painted.  The bottom middle area doesn't have the mechanical details you'll see in larger models.

Impulse engine
The windows by the impulse engine are painted.

As mentioned earlier, Eaglemoss' Romulan Warbird is scaled ~1:10000 which makes it too small for Eaglemoss' own USS Enterprise D and any other I reviewed from Furuta, F-Toys, or Johnny Lightning. But it will scale with my smallest Enterprise D which is a Micro Machine.

Eaglemoss Romulan Warbird compared to Micro Machine Enterprise D
The Eaglemoss Warbird is just a bit larger than twice the size of the Micro Machine which makes it scale well to each other.

Eaglemoss Romulan Warbird compared to Micro Machine Romulan Warbird
The Micro Machine pales in comparison to this new model from Eaglemoss.

Replay these scenes
There are so many scenes from TNG that look just like this.

Eaglemoss Romulan Warbird

Eaglemoss has done an incredible job with the Romulan Warbird.  It features lots of details, very nice weathering effect across the ship, and its large.  If you're a small scale Star Trek ship collector, this is a must have.  There really isn't a lot of choices with Hallmark's being a good representation but not as good in dimensions (wings are thick), Micro Machine is too small and oddly colored, Furuta's being hard to find since it was a chase figure, and Heroclix being too small and not as nice looking.

Manufacturer: Eaglemoss
Year: 2014


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