Macross DYRL VF-1S with Super & Strike Parts Roy Focker 1/60 by Yamato

Sunday, March 15, 2009

After acquiring my Jetfire, I went online to look for comparison photos of Jetfire to the original robot he was based on, the Bandai 1/55 VF-1S. That's when i ran across a VF-1 Toy Super Comparison on Scorched Earth that covered all the latest transforming macross vf-1s toys. Having grown up with Transformers, GI Joe, and Ninja Turtles, the whole idea that one anime show had toys from various manufacturers was confusing at best. But having more than one manufacturer is a good thing as it gives buyers a choice which usually means a better toy as each maker competes to make the best.

From Scorched Earth's reviews, the best VF-1S is Yamato's second rendition of it and it puts my Jetfire to shame:

I managed to pick up a MISB VF-1S from eBay for under $100:

Unlike the Transformers Masterpiece series of toys, Yamato includes a window so I can check if there's really a toy inside without actually opening the box (a certain someone keeps joking about my MISB MP-01 Optimus Prime is just a brick inside):

As close as I can get without opening it. Some day I'll play with it.

Back of the box isn't exciting.

I was really happy to pick up this toy. A breaking shoulder issue with early releases of Yamato 1/60 V 2.0 VF-1 reported by Scorched Earth and others is keeping me away from opening and playing with it. Perhaps I'll pick up a VF-1S Hikaru to play with if the shoulder issue is fixed.

Update 07/21/2010: I've posted a full review on Yamato's Macross DYRL VF-1S Hikaru Ichijo

Publisher: Yamato
Year: 2008
Price: $129 (approx)


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