Mobile Suit Gundam Wing (MSIA)

Thursday, March 26, 2009

From one of the most popular Gundam series ever and possibly the first to land on an American TV station, Gundam Wing

While I was young I was very fascinated with Japanese mecha figures which stood in the shops of Chinese hobby stores. But I never followed any of the mecha anime series because they were hard to come by in North America. But with the explosion of Japanese cartoons in America starting with Pokemon, I managed to get hold of the latest Gundam series of the time, Gundam Wing. It wasn't written well but the mechas looked really good, especially Gundam Wing.

Unlike many other Gundam Wing mecha products available, this is a toy and part of the Mobile Suit in Action (MSIA) series which is meant for playing. It's made out of PVC so the toy is very flexible and will survive a drop from almost any shelf.

Front of box with a window to see what you're buying:

He was expensive but I was too lazy to paint the three Gundam models I had. Unfortunately, I lost the beam sword.

Back of box doesn't show me anything I don't already see:

You'll soon find out why there are no photos of the toy in action poses.

Look at that panel lining on this Gundam:

Gundam Wing's hands are large and bubbly compared to the rest of the toy. It's hard to insert the gun fully into his hands so the gun doesn't sit straight. The gun is also too heavy for the PVC joints to hold up. The white piece infront of his thighs is one piece and prevents his feet from moving forward.

He's back heavy so I had to lean him forward for this photo:

Blue side panels at his thighs are actually one piece of PVC with no articulation so this prevents his legs from opening up any further.

The back is more plain:

The blue back piece at his bum has no articulation so this prevents his legs from moving back.

Here are the parts that easily fall off the Gundam Wing:

The use of flexible PVC make everything fairly easy to pop off when trying to pose him.

One of his best (perhaps only) pose:

Gundam Wing is very durable and definitely a worthy toy for any home wreaking child. Unfortunately the limited leg movement prevent this toy from doing anything but stand up straight. He's also very back heavy with the wings so posing him is difficult. The limited posability restrict the fun of this toy to just smashing him up against another:

Gundam Wing was definitely not worth buying but goes well with my Epyon.

Publisher: Bandai
Year: N/A
Price: $27.99


oie los precios estan en Q? pesos?

Doesn't look so good indeed. Looks like a low quality toy and the price is kinda high for its quality. Not worth it indeed.

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