Mobile Suit Gundam Epyon (MSIA)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

The bad guys rarely get the cool hardware in Gundam but this time it's different with Treize Khushrenada's Gundam Epyon from Gundam Wing:

I got Gundam Epyon on a trip to Walt Disney World's Epcot:

He's in the United States plastic bubble packaging instead of the box found in the Japanese versions.

Just like the Mobile Suit in Action (MSIA) line of Japanese Gundam toys, Epyon made out of PVC so the toy is very flexible and will survive a drop from almost any shelf.

Unlike the Japanese versions, the US versions do not have any panel lining:

Epyon's wings are even heavier making Epyon really back heavy:

His whip is made up of numerous individual pieces with it frequently breaking apart.

Good detail of the boosters:

Epyon has similar looking pieces to Gundam Wing such as the wings, shoulder pieces, and shield:

US Epyon with Japanese Gundam Wing, his counterpart from the show:

Although Epyon and Gundam Wing are made similarly, not all pieces can be interchanged between them:

Since Epyon is made from PVC, most pieces are really bendable:

Epyon's striking colors make him an impressive looking mech:

Unlike the models, this Gundam Epyon can't transform to his dragon mode as seen in the anime. Gundam Epyon was a better value at $8.95 than my Gundam Wing but the Transformers line of toys of the same price are made of better material and feature an innovative transforming feature. As a toy I couldn't recommend this to kids and for collectors, this isn't fun to pose.

Publisher: Bandai
Price: $8.95


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