Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF) Takara Buster Optimus Prime from Asian Exclusive 2-pack with Jetfire

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

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Optimus Prime, leader of the heroic Autobots, arrives on Earth shortly after Bumblebee sends a beacon to the Autobots.  Optimus Prime scans a Peterbilt 379 semi-truck which becomes his alternate mode.

In 2009, Hasbro releases an updated leader class Optimus Prime toy to coincide with the second Transformers movie, Revenge of the Fallen (ROTF). It quickly puts the old leader class to shame with its better truck mode and much more screen accurate bot mode. Takara releases a Japan only Buster Optimus Prime that features chrome, silver paint applications, more movie accurate paint detailing, without the battle mask, and gas tanks that transform into a gun - hence the "Buster" name. It is considered the best movie Optimus Prime ever released but a few fans wished Takara released Buster Prime with the battle mask. So Takara releases an Asian market exclusive 2-pack with a repaint of Hasbro's leader class Jetfire and Takara's Buster Optimus Prime with battle mask. Simply awesome. The best movie Optimus Prime ever. Sadly, some fans skipped this release because it was too expensive or they simple already got the single package Buster Prime and felt it wasn't worth getting another. Most were waiting for an even better leader class Optimus Prime for the third Transformers movie, Dark of the Moon (DOTM). Sadly none was made but a re-mold of Hasbro's leader class prime was released with the new "abs" but none of the awesome chrome and silver paint from the Buster release.

In a few weeks, Takara will be re-releasing the Asian market exclusive 2-pack in the Dark of the Moon (DOTM) line so everyone has a second chance at, in my option, the best movie Optimus Prime ever released. Just to help your buying decision, here's a little review of him (I didn't care much for Jetfire so I didn't review Jetfire):

Takara's Buster Optimus Prime:

This is the best looking transformable movie Optimus Prime.  Far superior compared to Hasbro's and Takara's DOTM releases.


Take a look at that chrome grill and nice detail on that Autobot logo.


The only complaint about this version of the leader class Optimus Prime are the light blue pin striping around the flames. They should be white like the movie and the single pack Takara Buster Prime.


Some people may not like the jig saw puzzle look of the gas tanks, but they transform into Optimus Prime's gun - which is very cool.


Sadly the smokestacks are soft plastic like the Hasbro version. The back of the cab is painted silver rather than chrome but the area where the license plates goes is chromed. 

Human Alliance Bumblebee and ROTF Buster Prime:

If Human Alliance Bumblebee is about 1:24 scale, leader Optimus Prime is smaller than that scale.

Human Alliance Sam Witwicky and ROTF Buster Prime:

Sorry Sam... you can't get in cuz there's mech tech inside

Masterpiece Optimus Prime MP-01 and ROTF Buster Prime:

G1 Optimus Prime meets movie Optimus Prime - I'll let you decide who looks more cool.

Mid-transformation #1:

Slowly opening him up

Mid-transformation #2:

Optimus Prime with all this parts extended.  When you snap Optimus Prime's head in, a transformation sound will place from the voice box.


Takara didn't spare in the silver paint - it's on everywhere that Hasbro left grey plastic on the ROTF leader class Optimus Prime.  Further differences are the flames are pin striped with light blue, the flame is painted on the red chest piece, the feet no longer has the red plastic, the additional blue paint app on the feet, inside chest blue paint added, and deeper blue used overall.  The wheels along the leg still overlap unlike the movie.  The silver tab right below the red chest piece can be pulled down to make Optimus Prime's eyes light up green and say "I am Optimus Prime".  The one weakness of Takara's Buster Prime is the tab on the red chest pieces are more difficult to push into the side openings of the silver inner chest than the Hasbro releases.  The round tabs are fragile so don't push too hard or you'll break them.


Arm articulation is limited by the flip out blade. DOTM Striker Prime and DOTM Jetwing Prime fix this by removing the blades.


Optimus Prime still has a big backpack that looks unslightly.  There's also a big battery box on his back for the lights and sounds that I really don't care about.


That silver painted box on his back holds the battery and electronics.


Watch out for that chrome on the bottom of Prime's feet. Don't slide him around on rough surfaces - it'll scrape that chrome right off.


Unlike Hasbro ROTF Leader class Prime's solid orange plastic blade, Buster Prime's blades are a light orange translucent plastic with silver paint.

Optimus Prime with Human Alliance Sam Witwicky

Optimus Prime still looks a tad too small.

ROTF Buster Optimus Prime with DOTM Leader Class Sentinel Prime

Optimus Prime is a tad taller than Sentinel Prime - now you can reproduce the epic last scene from DOTM!

ROTF Buster Optimus Prime with DOTM Leader Class Ironhide and Sentinel Prime and Human Alliance Bumblebee, Sideswipe, and Jazz

Human Alliance figures are much too large for Buster Optimus Prime

Takara's Buster Optimus Prime is most accurate transformable movie Optimus Prime ever released with a fairly complex transformation, very close to movie accurate paint application, great use of chrome, pretty silver paint, battle mask, and transformable gas tanks!  He is one of my favorite Transformers and he's the only reason I bought the Human Alliance line of Transformers.  If you want a transformable movie Optimus Prime to display then I highly recommend this figure.  If you just want a leader class transformable Optimus Prime to transform then I recommend the original Hasbro ROTF leader class Optimus Prime or the newer Takara Jetwing or Striker Optimus Prime which have the updated chest area from DOTM.

Well worth the higher entrance fee

Eric Toy Score: 4.5 out of 5

Publisher: Takara
Year: 12/2009 (re-release: 12/2011)
Price: ~$150 (re-release: $190-$250)


How does the JETWING pack fit on this version of Buster Prime?

@Frank The JETWING pack won't fit this mold as it's missing some of the new notches/peg holes of the DOTM Jetwing

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