Transformers Prime: Arcee First Edition Deluxe Review

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Tell it to someone who cares.

Having lost two partners in the war against the Decepticons, Arcee carries the most emotional baggage of the Transformers Prime Autobot cast. Her toughness, loyalty, and strong will make her a formidable fighter for any Decepticon.

After a whole season of Transformers Prime without any toy line, Hasbro finally releases deluxe wave one with Arcee, Bumblebee, and Starscream.

*Update: Check out the Prime Robot in Disguise (RiD) Arcee review to see which one is better*

Box front:

Box back:

Alt mode Front:

A really slim profile.

Alt mode Left:

Really close to screen accurate. The show has no pink and features more creases on the side. 

Alt mode Right:

No visible kibble.  Hasbro keeps making great motocycle bots.  The silver painted break pads are amazingly detailed.

Alt mode Back:

It's really cool how the rear wheel will be pulled apart for the bot mode.


With blades:

The blades make Arcee a lot less screen accurate.


Yes, Arcee was also in the Transformers movie looking very much like this.

Bot Front:

If you have really steady hands, you can color in the red diamond on Arcee's head piece and black around Arcee's eye for a more show accurate look. Although the Autobot logo on Arcee's chest looks good, it isn't show accurate - the space between the two blue chest pieces should be black.

Bot Left:

Unlike the show, the toy has Arcee's rear wheel form behind her legs and on her back - they should be on her shoulders and embedded on her back. The shoulder pads/wings on the toy do not appear on the show and should protrude from her back.

Bot Right:

The toy features an all black arm while the show has her with a blue arm piece with pink decoration pieces.

Bot Back:

The front wheel, handle bar, and windshield are huge kibbles on Arcee's back. The show has the wheel go into her back.

With blades:

The blades are way too large, not screen accurate, and I think they look silly.


Her lack of foot articulation limits her poses but her light frame and balanced center of gravity makes her still a lot of fun to pose. She has numerous ball joints such as her neck, arm shoulder connector, and leg-waist connector. She has double elbow hinged, hinged at her wrist, neck, and knee hinged. Swivels are present at the top of her arm and top of her leg, plus her waist.

Arcee with Starscream:

Arcee is too tall compared to all other Transformers Prime figures released in the first wave.

Out of the first wave of deluxe Transformers Prime toys, Arcee has the least screen accurate bot mode with a huge bike tire and windshield on her back. Even with all the kibble, Arcee is highly flexible and fun to pose. All her hinges, swivels, and ball joints fall into the right spots to give her the ability to make some very human-like poses. She's a lot of fun, looks great, and one of the best Arcee toys out there.

Eric Toy Score: 4 out of 5

Publisher: Hasbro
Year: November 2011
Price: $12.99

Note: Hasbro has announced the cancellation of the First Edition line of Transformers Prime toys for the US (source).  Arcee has appeared in two waves of First Edition deluxe toys so prices for Arcee on the secondary market have only seen a limited increase to $20 or more.


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