Transformers Prime: Starscream First Edition Deluxe Review

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

I have gained a clear understanding of my place in the universe. Of who I am. Aligned with no side; servant, to no one.

Second in command of the evil Decepticons, Starscream, is a force to be reckon with - having put down Autobot Cliffjumper in the very first episode of Transformers Prime. Much like his other TV show persona, Starscream tries to replace Megatron as the supreme leader of the Decepticons. And just like the other TV shows, Starscream fails and goes rogue.

After a whole season of Transformers Prime without any toy line, Hasbro finally releases deluxe wave one with Arcee, Bumblebee, and fan favorite Starscream.

Box Front:

Box Back:

Inside the box:

Released from the paper binds:

First thing you'll notice is how small Starscream's alt mode is.

Alt mode Front:

The front jet profile is sleek and nearly free of kibble

Alt mode Left:

Second thing you'll notice is the kibble under the jet. It could've been worse so Hasbro did a fairly good job at keeping it minimal.

Alt mode Right:

The front landing gear on his pelvic area and the back landing gears on his leg looks silly

Alt mode Top:

Just like ROTF leader class Jetfire, Starscream looks great from the top.

Alt mode Bottom:

The bottom really doesn't look that bad in this view.

Alt mode Back:

One of the few times his jet engine is not his feet.

Missile Cluster:

Made with soft PVC, these missiles rarely come straight. Apply heat to straighten them out.

The missiles slot under the wings:

A really nice way to connect the missiles because they also look like F-16 type pylons without the missiles.


Not sure if a gerwalk mode is possible in mid-transformation

Bot Front:

I was impressed by the Starscream's transformation to take such a small jet to form a larger bot. Lots of soft PVC on Starscream like his head piece and knee spike. It's really annoying that they're all bent. Most people will use a permanent red marker to color Starscream's head piece red to look more show accurate.

Bot Left

Yes, his feet act like high heels and also makes him hard to pose. Luckily Hasbro has given him both front movement and back movement on the heel so you have a little mode flexibility.  It's still hard to pose.

Bot Right

Starscream's hands won't hold any weapons but they are very expressive.

Bot Back:

Kibble is kept to a minimum here with the jet engine falling into a really look location on his back.  Unlike most modern deluxe Transformers, Starscream doesn't have light piped eyes.

Bot Articulation:

Mine came with really loose ball joints connecting the waist to the legs so Starscream likes to do the splits - making him a real challenge to pose.  Numerous swivels, numerous ball joints, his small frame, and his lack of kibble make it easy for this toy to replicate poses from the TV show.

Transformers Prime Starscream with Transformers Animated Skywarp:

Transformers Prime Starscream is a lot smaller than his Animated Voyager counterpart.  The Animated version looks chubby and muscular compared to Prime.  Transformers Prime Starscream looks more like his Transformers Animated counterpart than his G1 self.

Transformers Prime Starscream with Henkei Starscream:

Transformers Prime Starscream doesn't look like G1 Starscream except for the upward wings.   

Although I have a few complaints with Transformers Prime Starscream such as loose ball joint, small feet, and too many soft PVC pieces, Starscream is lovely to pose and looks very show accurate for such a small toy. The transformation is impressive to give you a great toy in both modes. I wasn't a fan of the Transformers Prime show but the toy line definitely has me hooked. It's a great toy that I recommend any Transformers fan should pick up.

Eric Toy Score: 4 out of 5

Publisher: Hasbro
Year: November 2011
Price: $12.99


what store did you buy that from are there any more

@Anonymous You can still find FE Starscream in Canada Toys R Us or eBay. I don't see any available from my usual online retailers.

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